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Party Outfit Trend : Feathers, Fringing and Sequins

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Every party should be a perfect excuse to dress up in a show stopping dress which sparkles and shines. just in time for the party season, the designers managed to find something to add that is even more eye-catching. it’s up to you to decide. first up: sequins. always a popular choice: in silver, burgundy, deep purple, bronze and even black. the gowns are adorned with rhinestones, embroidery and sequins, so you can see the world lit up with these details that change everything. roberto cavalli brings us straight to the second idea : fringing, which is constantly being renewed and this time it’s on the bottom, on the side, on the hems of an outfit…right up to becoming more technical but always finished in the most beautiful effects for the evenings. alber elbaz at lanvin was one of the first for this fringe trend but added feathers that decorated the evening pieces. the birds of the night are ready to fly away and these feathers bring volume and movement to the increasingly stunning outfits. it’s up to you to decide your detail, or why not mix the three trends: some sequins, a bit of fringing and feathers for a sublime outfit that becomes a work of art...interviews: roberto cavalli: personally i love the details in this collection, above all because there are so many possibilities. clare waight keller: so those fringes that are cut in mustard and navy, they just had this incredible movement, but a real ease to them like a t-shirt.stella mccartney: we wanted to take the idea of fringe and movement into a slightly more masculine and sporty place, so we wanted to make it heavier and bring in more cord work and have blocks of colour and have the energy that was at the beginning of the collection and just bring it throughout the entire thing.alber elbaz: at the end i put everything together it’s the fringing that we did with a technical effect which i think is quite new, it’s not the fringes from the 30s.fausto puglisi: there are things, and i said ok let’s translate these feathers with little flowers, each single flower that you see, it’s made by thousands of little, little, little feathers, inside you can see the crystals, it can be black, it can be colourful, it was great, i loved it, but it was very precious. free music / bandit & nikit