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The hand bag reinvents itself season after season….

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The accessories follow the trends of ready to wear. and for next season, colours pop, graphic and arty vibes are essential and come to complete the vision. from the catwalks of milan to paris, the hand bags give you all the imaginable propositions. it’s the case for the furla label, 100% made in italy, that took place in fashion week presented a collection totally in harmony with the catwalk.interview: eraldo poletto: we must follow the trend, it’s a must, but trends that are happening now, it’s more bottom up, it’s more social community, the digital world, and networking, they have a very strong point of view of what they want so our ability is to listen, to select, and to make it right. so of course we have to listen to what’s going on, to be modern, it’s about modernity. we are not logo orientated, we are product orientated, we like that our customer loves our product because she can find a great design, great quality made in italy, with great value for money, so that is our key asset. we are very innovative we love to explore new avenues, we love to explore new materials, we love art, we are very keen to listen to what’s happening in fashion, what’s happening in art, the young artists, the street art and to be modern and to look into the future always. free music/bandit & nikit