Emanuel Ungaro- Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

The new Ungaro woman appears more sexy and ethereal than ever. Long, colourful dresses with plunging necklines or simply bodies are composed with bare shoulders and capes that touch the floor. The Italian designer added prints which he dared to mix, like red and blue checks paired with flowers, all worked with dazzling tones. A woman with explosive sex appeal, who will be sure to cause a stir in Ungaro.Interview: Fausto Puglisi: It’s a vision, can be a reality, can be a dream, it can be whatever you like. I want it to be fresh, I want it to be sexy, I want it to be feminine, I want it to be fresh and I want it to be easy, even if it’s very colourful and it’s very strong, at the end you can wear it with flat shoes and your coat to the boat. You’re getting the boat, you know it’s summer, it’s spring, I believe that all of us in spring should feel beautiful/sexy/amazing/happy and it’s a declaration of happiness for me.It’s Ungaro I mean, don’t forget that we’re designing Ungaro, I mean I have to respect the heritage so I like to do that.Thank you, you get the perfect philosophy, not everybody can look at that, it’s urban at the end. Music from the show

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