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Key Fashion Moment : The Departure of Yves Saint Laurent

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January 2001. yves saint laurent ends his career and organizes a retrospective show for the occasion which will also be the house’s last haute couture show. 2000 people invited to the centre pompidou in paris with a live broadcast on a big screen outside. all of the couturier’s great classics, 300 designs in total, are showcased on the podium, worn by 2000 models including big ones who came especially for the occasion (claudia schiffer, carla bruni, jerry hall, and naomi campbell). for the final, 40 different tuxedos paraded during a song performed by laetitia casta, and catherine deneuve in tears. interview: yves saint laurent :i tried to prove that paris was still the city of light and of haute couture, and haute couture made like this was necessary for peoples’ imaginations. i like seeing my models evolve and seeing how the public react and actually in that moment i feel really close to the public. i still get nervous in this profession. i’m still not used to it after forty-two years. i’ve tried again to perfect this style that has now become really important in fashion, this style that i created and to which i remain loyal, as fashions pass but style stays. it’s a part of me, it’s my life. i wouldn’t know what to do; i wouldn’t be able to live if i didn’t make dresses. music paris modes archives