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Marion Bartoli, champion of trainers!

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In the margins of roland garros, former tennis champion marion bartoli unveils a collection of luxury sneakers in collaboration with the label musette. once again, sport and fashion come together, resulting in a great creative match…interviews:marion bartoli:i have always loved shoes and i was definitely a shopaholic who would go into shops and buy heaps of shoes and now, i have my own collection full of everything that i love. it’s like a second wimbledon, when i finally won a tennis tournament and this is like another sweet victory. these days i do a lot of walking, i walk all day across roland garros and i wander around everywhere, moving quickly from one point to another; everyone wants to look feminine but they also want to be comfortable. i added a very personal touch with these little angel wings that appear in various forms on all the shoes and i always feel that i have a little guardian angel on my shoulder who protected me throughout my tennis career and i wanted to publicize this on all my designs as a trademark that people could easily recognise and we did wedged trainers too because even marion bartoli wears high-heels and so there had to be wedges and heels and now everything has come together and i am so happy.i still have an athlete’s ambition and so i fix targets that i hope to reach within a year, three years, five years or ten years and i think that my former tennis career will help me reach these objectives because i don’t want to just have this one collection, i want to develop the brand. at the moment, i am focused on shoes but i believe there is actually a growing demand; it was cris evert who always introduced these little skirts to tennis that had never been seen on the courts, and she was a true pioneer because after that, lots of players started channeling her look and now maria sharapova is one of the best dressed players on court, along with serena williams so i think there are lots of things that link sport and fashion and whilst i used to be in sport, i have now launched my fashion career so i would love to jump on the bandwagon and create something great.music free of right/bandit&nikit 2012