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Exclusive face-to-face meeting with Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

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Exclusive face-to-face meeting with carol lim and humberto leon. the two designers behind kenzo and opening ceremony share their fashion vision, their beginnings, their expectations and their role as presidents of the jury at the hyères festival…interviews:carol lim:humberto and i met at university at berkeley and even though we didn’t study fashion, it has always been part of our life growing up; his mother was a seamstress sewing clothing, my mum had a jewellery store so she was always making and designing jewellery and after we graduated from university, he worked in fashion whilst i did something different but we were in new york and we took a trip to hong kong to visit a friend and from that trip we were really inspired by all the young designers and the different brands we discovered and we really thought that maybe we should start something and so we opened opening ceremony but we always wanted to design pieces as well so we said, we will buy these young designers and support this young talent but also at the same time, we will put some pieces that we design in there too and from there it just grew into a full collection and then ten years later in 2011, we are here at kenzo and it has been an amazing, amazing journey.we’ve grown up being very curious; we see what people are doing around us and i think that if we are going to design and do something, we always want to make sure it is new and something that excites people, maybe you’re not sure if you like it or you do but it creates some kind of emotion and i think in all the collections we do, we always try to create that kind of response. you go around the world and everyone has a memory and a feeling about kenzo and i think that is the success of a brand, we don’t think it’s just american or it’s just europe, we like to think around the world, it is something that people really like. we are really lucky and we want to continue to be part of the kenzo store. opening ceremony is growing and developing and to be a part of a festival like hyères is amazing because you see young talent that has their own point of view and they’re embarking on their journey and to be part of that and to help support that is really amazing for us so hopefully there will be more of this.we wanted to make sure that we had a diverse group and so we have pamela golbin from les arts décoratifs, eric wilson who is a journalist, we have stylist, we have chloe and spyke and so we really wanted to pick people from different artistic fields and we wanted strong opinions to make sure that we had an interesting jury so a lot of them are friends and also people in the industry that we have worked with and we respect their opinions.humberto leon:we are very honest people in how we approach things and we really try to look at what we do and our work as being exciting but at the same time, we want to look at the consequences of what is happening around the world as well.we were so honoured to be asked. i think that obviously there have been such great designers before us that have been the presidents of the festival so for us we felt that it was such a great honour and i think through our work at opening ceremony and supporting young designers from the beginning is such a part of our dna. we want to see it the way that we would see it if we were watching a runway show or if we were customers looking or fashion journalists watching. you want to have the same perspective and i think it is hard to just look at clothing on a rack and a portfolio and judge. also, to see the designers tell the story, i think story telling is such a big part of what we love and hearing the story behind the designer really tells a much bigger story.carol lim:what we saw was that each of them had their own perspective. one of the things people keep asking is if we find any similarities and to be honest each of their points of view and their stories are so distinct, that is what makes it very special and actually difficult to make a decision because each of them have a very focused area and as they explain, it is very captivating and so for us to evaluate, you aren’t necessarily evaluating the same thing and so the debate when we meet with the jury tonight will be really interesting because we can already hear bits that people like this for this reason and they like that for another and i think that is the exciting part of all this.music free of right : nikit & bandit - 2012