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Moschino - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Milan (with itw)

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With over an hour delay, we await the final show of the day; the highly-anticipated moschino collection and the start of a new era with the arrival of artistic director, american jeremy scott. from the very start, a positive energy emanates from this wardrobe with amusing plays on logos, objects, accessories and stylistic references. the designer adapts perfectly the label’s dna, especially renowned for its brightly coloured pop-art outfits. once again, a universal language is translated onto ultra feminine looks, including quilted, chanel-style minidresses braided with gold chains or red and yellow tweed suits, hemmed with the house’s initials. the moschino heart twists into a mcdonald’s ‘m’, a bag serves as the bustier of a figure-skimming dress, a cluster of belts construct the contours of a skirt, whilst spongebob squarepants becomes this season latest pattern. notice a street art influence, an artistic current linked to the works of roy lichtenstein or andy warhol but especially a revival of the 1990s, where girls would have fun on the runway and when fashion shows were a time to party. for all this, it was definitely worth the wait!interview:michel gaubert:there is this 90s fashion show side, when girls had energy and humour and didn’t take things too seriously, it was just very ‘feel good’.jeremy scott:i just really thought about all of the dna of the brand, i thought about the tailored suits and how predominant this is, it was always in his career, making these ‘tailleurs’ and trying to take that and creating humour on my own by taking the mcdonalds element and the idea of ‘fast-fashion’ and playing with that and then i took the streetwear element which was always very popular with moschino and moschino jeans and i wanted to play with that and the hip hop element where biggie smalls and little kim were always rapping about moschino and put that in. of course, the belt, which is an icon of the brand and wrapping it around over and over until it becomes almost a corset or a dominatrix dress. then the finales were these ultimoda, glamorous, high-fashion couture gowns but playing with the waists of pop-culture and the throwing away of these packages but taking them and twisting them and trying to make something beautiful with them.katy perry:i flew in for it. it embodies who i am.music from the fashion show