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Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço wins the Marie Claire Prize for Emerging Talent

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Meet pedro lourenço, a young, 24-year-old brazilian designer who is already very experienced; being the son of famous designers, he has basked in these surroundings from a young age. for the last four years, he has been used to presenting his highly successful collections in his own country but also in paris. whilst he is aided by the brazilian government, who has made him the global spokesperson for brazilian fashion, he has also just won the marie claire prize for emerging talent in france. interviews : pedro lourenço: my parents are fashion designers so i have grown up with them coming to paris during fashion week, during ‘première vision’ and fabric research and all that. so, for me it was very natural to become a fashion designer, it was a natural process. my first show was for my mother’s second label when i was twelve, so it was pretty scandalous! and then i did three seasons for my mother’s second label and then i did four or five shows in sao paulo fashion week with my own label but it was more of a conceptual exercise, it was not something to commercialise but was the best that it could have been because i could really develop myself as a designer. in many looks we wanted to explore this concept of having part of the look was taken out so you had just a skirt and no jacket or just a jacket and a basque but you don’t have a skirt so that was part of the concept of the collection. this butterfly laser-cut is made with lamé crêpe; the shoulders are very 40s, the basque has a silhouette but i always bring in vintage references in an abstract and technological way and all the linings of the sequinned dresses and skirts, they also have this same laser-cutting technique so you really have this feeling that the clothes are fading away; you lose the fine line where the silhouette ends. music free of right/ bandit & nikit 2012