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Saint Laurent Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris

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The saint laurent show is one of the unmissable events of paris fashion week, a notion heralded from the entrance of the grand palais where photographers and fans congregate through to the electricity that hovers over the darkened room. the setting is made up of triangular lights that dim and close in time to the sound from rock group ‘liars’, as we are taken directly into the world of the artistic director, hedi slimane. on the runway, we have yves saint laurent reinterpreted by slimane; that is to say with a young, rebellious, sexy, rock and modern attitude. the codes of the house are certainly there and are perhaps even more obvious than before. on the catwalk, we see a smoking jacket, a jumpsuit, a little black dress, a trench coat and a transparent blouse…however, the slim look dominates as jackets take on a more 80s style, glitter rules on the top half and is coordinated with leather miniskirts or short, ruffled asymmetrical dresses, with zebra or leopard prints added to certain pieces. the possibilities are endless, as well as being understandable and appealing. hedi slimane is certainly on his way to writing a new saint laurent chapter by personally adapting the heritage of the house, achieving all this in just three seasons… interview: betty catroux: i think that it is wonderful, like everything created by hedi slimane. i am a fan of his for eternity and i think it is the logical follow-up to yves saint laurent. jean-paul gaultier: i loved it, i thought it was incredible and represents saint laurent perfectly. it is very much the saint laurent of today and it’s all perfect from the proportions, the sense of colour to the casting. i love the attitude that he gives women, it’s truly superb. music from the show