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Diesel Black Gold Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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This is the second collection from andreas melbostad, who has just taken on the role of artistic director at diesel black gold, having already headed up their women’s department. as a fresh start, he organised for his fashion show to take place at grand central station in new york. aside from the clothes, he played with the duality between strength and lightness, with leather dresses and jackets pierced with metallic rings or even the opposite, with light blouses and tunics which are either ruffled or in silk. the softness is often matched with bold pieces such as a t-shirt encircled with powdered pink leather, a biker white biker jacket or jeans faded by hand that have the potential to become a wardrobe essential. by changing and strengthening his team (with the arrival of alessandro bogliolo and nicola formichetti) renzo rosso appears to push the label towards new horizons. andreas melbostad: i love everything about the construction of the clothes, i like the detailing of it, and i love adding that little industrial touch. but this time we also wanted to play with the duality between something very strong and graphic and something very soft and fluid and more feminine, so it’s the mix of those two. a girl has many different sides: she has strengths and confidence and she has softer sides so i really wanted that to be a part of this expression in the show and it’s a spring show so i liked that slightly more fearless, loose, easy attitude. renzo rosso: it’s a good moment, i think for the ‘black gold’ because our tank sundresses and other tank pieces are all completely dedicated themes coming from the contemporary. it’s a very good moment in general because i have started to speak to the department stores and the fashion editor who was here today can see ‘black gold’ becoming something incredible, new on the market and it’s a real contemporary line of design. music from the show