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3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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Phillip lim’s 3.1 runway show saves up a bundle of surprises, even if the typical style of the designer is extremely well known. for the spring-summer of 2014, phillip lim wishes for a return to the natural elements, earth, water and the ecosystem. jackets and tops reign supreme, each one reinterpreted with a variety of materials such as mixed leather on top of jacquard. suede is weathered to give both a natural and a polished effect. the ever-present rock’n’roll, almost grunge look returns again in the form of metallic straps, fringes and even biker jackets. phillip lim has realized that you never alter classic designs, yet never stop reinventing them, in order to achieve great success. phillip lim: i just felt like i wanted something strong to stand on, something sure, and i think it goes back to landscapes and terrains and rocks, they never let us down. we destroy them and this time it was like ‘let’s crack it open’ and show the beauty of it all and literally the girls are like rock stars. there was a lot of intense fabric research with the claques and all the piques that are kind of bonded with just the form and air and all the leathers are nude almost as if to leave a process behind and i felt like it’s this clash between the brute and the beautiful. i think that it’s really looking at ecosystems that are delicate but at the same time left just raw and i feel like the fashion ecosystem is like that, sometimes is ‘brute’ and sometimes it’s so beautiful. i always think that if the garment has to stand by itself then it’s complete, it doesn’t need anything else so it’s almost as if everything is self contained. i like to look at everything from a 360, upside-down, inside-out point of view. music from the show