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Designers of the future

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Fashion and new technologies have always gone well together. clothing becomes a source of experimentation and designers will look for more unusual and original materials, with new volumes and 3d effects. the silhouette is lighter and futuristic, especially among young popular new york designers. alexander wang even finds the way to treat leather so that it glows in the dark. the textile evolution is underway and one of the pioneers who’s always one step ahead is hussein chalayan with his remote control dresses. ennio capasa at costume national also searches for new fibers and new ways to print in 3d, just like mary katrantzou, who has truly revolutionized digital printing. experiments are increasingly present in the field of haute couture, the couturiers take advantage of the tailor-made to innovate and transform their ateliers in real research labs. julien fournié is even associated with dassault systèmes for the creation of a virtual couture studio. finally iris van herpen young dutch designer of 29 years, pushes the limits even further through her futuristic creations, example with her first flexible dress printed in 3d. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview alexander wang: taking the urban uniform or what we perceive it to be, the t-shirt, the boardshort, dissecting it and we wanted the idea of creating all of this structure but almost as if the garments are floating on the body, and we took a lot of embroidery techniques such as with fish liner or fish wire or with thin leather cording and kind of piece all the pieces together which kind of gave this ethereal feeling to the garments. mary katrantzou : this season we wanted to move away from prints and it was important to me to explore fabrication and that could be leather, lace, brocades, needle felted wood or swarovski that we needle felted and then applied nylon threads and then over printed it so it was more of an exploration of all the different fabrications you can get from one idea and also to try to explore something more romantic. giambattista valli : we went along with the idea of treating these garments like pieces of porcelain and there was this idea of lightness, transparency and transcendence. there are also these prints which give the idea of transparency, so projections on the garments. julien fournié : the good news is that there is a new generation with an haute couture checked today by my designer friends and myself. this is great news and we are going to reinvent a new spelling of haute couture.