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Diane Von Furstenberg Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

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Separated from her sidekick yvan mispelaere, diane von furstenberg continues her journey alone and rather brilliantly! along with the marc jacobs show, this is one of the hottest new york collections of the week. she re-uses her codes like the « wrap dress », prints, jumpsuits and re-works them eternally in a glamorous chic language with warm colours, iridescent tones, low-cut necklines and fluidity. "life should be a party" appears to be the belief of diane von funsterberg who did the tour of the runway greeting everyone dear to her and outlining a few with a dance. music from fashion show interview diane von furstenberg : the collection is called 'glam rock' because we all want to be glamorous and a bit rock'n'roll, but it's a collection that is super dvf, which means that all the pieces come together and they become friends. that's what i tried to explain, it's not to go to a party, life is a party, and it's to convince women to think "'life is a celebration". obviously it's not always easy and it's not always pleasant, but if you think about this you should engage in it in a much more cheerful and festive way. there are a lot of animals, like animal prints, and they're mixed, there is also this print which is of links, it was the first print i did when i was 23, but this time we put it in 3d and we made it move a lot. and then there was this idea of david bowie, of wings, a big mixture of materials, lightness, prints, leather, suede and metal. this is what the rock'n'roll side allows us to do.