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Dsquared2 - Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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A beautiful show and a striking mise en scène at d squared ², with a reconstructed jazz club and a 100% black casting. this is elegant but not ostentatious, surrounding adjusted suits and trousers cut at the ankle. the coat, a key piece in this wardrobe is adorned with colours and astrakhan. tartan is found on jackets matched with jeans. the bow tie accentuate this new look. a white shirt appears from underneath a jumper or a waistcoat. it is adorned with a shirt front or embroidery. for the evening, trousers get bigger and are coordinated with velvet jackets. for the finale, all men wear white cotton underwear, to announce the launch of a new line of lingerie. a lot of sensuality in this new collection by dean and dan caten. music from the fashion show interview dean & dan caten : we were working on a new construction for our classic collection, and these jackets were actually made in napoli, they\'re completely unlined, with no structure, no shoulder pads, so they\'re light, they become part of you, that sort of started the ball rolling for theme, the parts were getting wider, we were double breasting them, so we created jackets and coats, and all around this thing, it had this edge to it, so we took that to paris in a jazz nightclub in the 40s, it evolved and evolved and then we threw some denim in there, some colour in there, always contrasting with the same shape and bringing it up to date and making different options and alternatives. 100% black casting, we felt that the black people mostly wore more sensual , they were going to feel the music, it\'s about jazz singing, it\'s about jazz music, they had a lot of soul and a lot of rhythm and i think they give a lot to clubs. they hear the music, they\'re walking to the music, they\'re feeling it, their clothes give them a sexy element.