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The Timeless Suit

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Karl lagerfeld has understood for a long time, that the man\'s suit does not stop getting talked about.is this the james bond effect or even the style of prince charles, who has just been elected the world\'s best dressed man in 2012 by esquire magazine, always attracts both men and designers who constantly reinvent it. this winter, velvet, which has the advantage of keeping warm, is back in warm colours, such as burgundy, mustard, dark blue, gray and deep black and is now shifting to both day and night.of course we find the basic materials like the mixtures of cotton, cashmere and wool, but the tweed and the prince of wales also work quite well and are always worked with delicacy. ok for the british style and italian elegance, but we can also go further, to the latest cuts that are more modern, jackets and trousers that take new forms, and especially research on materials that are more and more innovative. (itw) finally the evening suit remains a key piece of the male wardrobe. it comes with accessories and a fur collar at dolce & gabbana, more black with a shiny effect at lacroix, viktor & rolf and jil sander, heroic at prada with a tim roth in great shape and with a preference towards both a straight cut and is figure hugging. (itw) royalty free music/ bandit & kikit -2012 interview anna zegna : the expertise of zegna is honestly very important for every season, even reinventing the natural shoulder and that\'s one of the most difficult things to do. but at the same time, there must be a huge couture expertise, otherwise there is no allure or style. lucas ossendrijver : there is a lot of research. this time, we used silicone treatments, there are neoprene inserts in the suit pieces, there are also fabrics that are laminated with neoprene. all this technique and all this work helps to renew the suit, to give a kind of new suit for a new generation. véronique nichanian : it is suddenly a return to the very beautiful suit because a man in a suit is always very sexy, and to have it as a wool and mohair blue, gray, white shirt, tie, the pockets, it highlights the cut of the outfit, the jackets are a little shorter, and the leg is longer.