Julien David: Menswear show Autumn/Winter2018/19

Designer: Julien DavidInspiration: In the form of a presentation, by way of different scenes, the designer wanted to present man in his habitat, in his living room, in his bedroom, in the gym and it appears as a sociological study where dog masks mean that focus is on the clothes and not the human appearance. Collection: Sportswear, city, light. Based in Japan for 10 years, Julien David has a habit of working with a range of materials and techniques. For example, the nylon stretch jackets and coats, waterproof and breathable and very light. Even the recycled fabrics such as the wool of a coat.Focus on: High-waisted belted dungarees with straps or the cotton twill trousers. The printed jersey t-shirts and the jacquard and linen shirts. To note: The quilted nylon taffeta backpack plus the leather trainers. Interview with Julien David: I wanted to talk about the normal man, the normal modern man and I wanted to show him in his habitat, in his element, be that at his desk, in his living room, at the table or in his bedroom, or the gym! And I wanted it so that we take a bit of distance and we put on masks and we analyse as if it were in a lab and we’re studying the human species in his element and we stand back. This year is the Chinese year of the dog and we wanted to choose an animal and I think that it’s funny as well because often dogs resemble their owners and vice versa and so I found it funny to use them. We were based in Japan for 10 years and all of our fabric and all our manufacturing is done in Japan and there they have great savoir-faire with fabrics and also organic fabric, synthetic fabrics and recycled fabrics. Since we started, we’ve always blended sportswear, streetwear and the more dressy things and we say that now more than ever, that it’s current. Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit

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