MSGM Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 with Interview

Designer: Massimo GiorgettiTheme: Inspiration which stems from Venice Beach and Mexico.Collection: An urban, summery wardrobe.Large shorts and sweatshirts displaying the MSGM logo; the designer pursues his obsession with the logo.Focus on: The mix & match of prints, of colours, and of patterns.Camouflage print is reinterpreted for light parkas, and checked, hooded sweatshirts in technical materials.+ Layered shirts and patterned t-shirts+ Loose and casual meshTo note: The large backpacks, the caps, and the beach towels draped around the neck for a relaxing day at the beach.Massimo Giorgetti: This summer mood is very summery because it’s like a journey from the West Coast, starting from Venice Beach to California, Los Angeles. Some, maybe in the middle of some touches of Burning man, the colour, the scarf, the hat, and at the end the Mexico Yucatan, because I really started the collection to study the Mexican culture, the knitwear, the blanket, the colour, the turquoise with the red, the pink, the grey, the grey with the blue, and I started to love.This is a kind of nylon organza, organza nylon, very light, very ‘technique’, because it’s super, super light and not heavy for the summer days. There’s plastic PVC, also a lot of techniques, both tradition and future, because there’s hand-made linen and at the same time there’s Tyvek, technic Tyvek, there are a lot of different fabrics together.Effortless for me, is the one of my rules, one of my ‘principi’, and I really also like the music, the waves. It’s almost three months that I really obsessed from waves, and also the waves are a message of freedom, the beach, the sound, the relaxer, and to be happy and to be positive. This is MSGM.Music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)

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