Yohji Yamamoto -Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Paris (with itw)

Yohji Yamamoto welcomes us home in his showroom in the heart of Le Marais quarter in Paris and true to his form, the man of summer 2014 will be dressed in black and / or white. The designer is all about fluidity and comfort: trousers are worn rather long shorts, almost resembling culottes or harem pants or indeed Thai pants, while T-shirts, jackets and shirts become finer, longer and overlap. Of course, as always, the Japanese designer adds a dash of humour, such as some pieces made of an almost liquid grey satin and shiny silk suits, which when asked for an explanation, Yohji Yamamoto responds jokingly that it’s "because of the rain," presumably referring to the bad weather in recent months in Europe ...

Music from fashion show

Yohji Yamamoto: I just wanted to let men wear soft fabric frayed like the wind, and the rain. It was mixed cotton, rayon…
I got quite bored creating straight pants for men, so recently I am very much interested in designing a sort of skirt for men.
In the very near future there will be no border between a man and a woman about clothing.

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